How to check the API version of your Facebook App.



This is the easily way to check the api version of the app you administer.
You can check the api version of your app whether v1.0 or v2.0.

If you remember the app’s created date, you don’t need this.
Because the api version has changed before and after the day new api was released.
But it’s rare case.

I think the api version should be appear in apps dashboard. Don’t you think so?

I know, Facebook has recommended to use the latest api version.
But we need to know the api version of our app because to fix something about specification changes of new api.

1. Go to “Graph API Explorer”

First, go to “Graph API Explorer“.


2. Choose the app you want to check at “Application” area.

Next, choose the app you want to check at “Application” area.
There are all apps you administer in the list of “Application” area.
If you have many apps, you can scroll the list by moving your pointer to right end of pull-down list.


3. Check api version at “API Version” area.

Then, choose the api version at “API Version” area.
It has been already chosen the latest version (v2.1 today), but you can choose the other version from pull-down list.


Finally, you can find the api version here.

If you could choose “v1.0” at “API Version” area, your apps version is “v1.0”.
If you couldn’t choose “v1.0” at “API Version” area(It was not available in the list.), but can choose “v2.0”, your apps version is “v2.0”.

Let’s see some example below.

The app on API “v1.0” (created before April 30th 2014)


The app on API “v2.0” (created after April 30th 2014, before August 7th)


The app on API “v2.1” (created after August 7th 2014)


Of course, you can’t check the app you don’t administer.
I hope it will help you!