It’s the end of the cache problem about OGP image in facebook.



The new function has been available on “Open Graph Object Debugger”(old “URL Linter”).
That is the function that “definitely” clear the cache.

Open Graph Object Debugger

All developers around the world has been suffering from cache problem until today.

OGP image in facebook could not clear easily.

Someone had said, it should be added the param like “fbrefresh=***” and “v=1” at the end of inputted url on “Open Graph Object Debugger”.
But it was incorrect. So, there was only way to change the url of image.

And Now!
All you have to do is, just click the button.

1. Input the url that you want to be scraped information on “Open Graph Object Debugger”
2. When the page of scraped information was showed you should click the “Fetch new scrape information” button.

Why this function had not been available?

*Additional Note
Someone who read this article said “it had been cleared the cache on Debugger before.”
Yes, that is correct usually. But sometimes it couldn’t.
That is why all developers has been confused.
But now, we will not be confused any more.